24 November 2007

Cost-Effective Dog Protection

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Here are some interesting facts:

  • 58.3% of all American households have at least one pet
  • There are more than 60 million pet dogs in American homes
  • Pet owners are now spending about $19 billion USD each year in 2006 (nearly doubled that of $11.1 billion USD in 1996)

Some of the main problems our canids face each day are actually preventable.

These are the common problems that most dog owners will encounter at some time or another:

  • Changes in activity patterns (play, eating, day-to-day routines, etc.)
  • Changes in food and water consumption
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Loss of muscle mass (significant weight losses)
  • Appears to be stressed out or very anxious for no apparent reason
  • Changes in interactions with people and other housemates (moping around, listless, stays in the corner by himself, etc.)
  • Bad breath and other foul smelling odors
  • Problems with normal bowel movements
  • Throwing up multiple times

Unfortunately, behavior problems are the most common reason to euthanize a dog. Negative behaviors such as destroying property (e.g. clothing, furniture) are often cited as the reason to take dogs back to the animal shelter.

The problem with this line of thought is a gross misdiagnosis of the situation. If the dog is tearing stuff up, you should ask yourself why?

  1. The dog could be bored out of his mind – left at home for hours with nothing to do and no one to interact with – this is a bad combo for certain high-energy breeds of dogs.
  2. The dog may be scared with no coping mechanisms available to him.
  3. The dog may actually be suffering from some type of illness.

If it is a case of boredom, that’s simple: you must provide some safe activities that will require him to expend boat-loads of energy. This could mean adopting a couple of medium to high energy dogs that will equalize his energy needs. The shelter is an excellent place to look for these types of dogs – after all, that’s why they’re in the shelter in the first place – too much energy and nothing to do. So look for some dogs that can work well together as a team, and give Fido a challenge.

Otherwise you will have to find some outlets such as Doggie Day Care, hiking, dog walkers, agility, herding class, etc.

The next area is potential illnesses. This can be very difficult to diagnose. The real key here is always prevention! If you prevent illnesses, you save your dog from a terrible ordeal that he may or may not be able to recover from. That means that you have to take proactive steps to guard against problems before they turn into full-blown crises. We suggest both a long-term and a short-term (emergencies) strategy.

What you want to accomplish is to build his immune system to full strength. This way, he will have some tools of his own to help fight off various diseases. The problem is, some dogs are genetically predisposed to a weak immune system, thereby making them easy prey to common viruses and parasites.

As a case in point, the black and tan breeds have more susceptibility to the Canine Parvovirus. These include Rotts, Dobbies, MiniPins, Coon Hounds, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Labs (see Note 1). These, and other similar breeds, make up some of the most common dogs in our homes today. In a sense, you might have a ticking time bomb on your hands.

Wow, is there any hope?

YES indeed there is! We’ll never leave you hanging; we will always provide you with safe organic chemical-free solutions.

  1. Immediately start giving your dogs AyurDog. This formula is based on a 5,000 year treatment system that is proven to work over time, and of course you can expect great results, all without the dangerous side-effects that drugs have to offer.
  2. Please read about this simple-to-use product that should be used daily by opening up some veggie caps and stirring them into your dogs’ food. We feed our dogs oatmeal every day and add the capsules there. Simple and quick, most dogs will say thanks with a smile.
  1. Next you should have a Gold Value Pack on hand. If you happen to already have Parvaid and Vibactra Plus, then get yourself some Life Cell Immune Support, as this is a great short-term (i.e.1 – 2 months) solution to boost generally low immune systems or if the dog is severely under attack from an aggressive virus such as Parvo.
  2. Life Cell Immune Support not only will boost an extremely depressed immune system, it will also regenerate badly damaged cells that have been attacked from viral or parasitic organisms.
  3. And by the way, the other three products in the Gold Value Pack are Parvaid, which will repair damage caused by Parvo, stop the vomiting (caused by IBD), stop diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, and stimulate the appetite, whereas Vibactra Plus is our herbal antibiotic/antiparasitic which treats infections and handily crushes many parasites and viral activity and Doggie Pain Relief is our fever and pain reducing product.

The products listed above are both safe and natural. You can give your dogs these products and never have to worry about a ton of side-effects. These products are designed to keep your pet in excellent health. If you have not given these products to your pet yet, then you may see evidence of some imbalance in his system – this is why he may act out or have some uncharacteristic behavior problems. He is trying to tell you that something is wrong. If his coat doesn’t look right, then there is some type of disease activity that must be addressed. So, an increase in grooming may signal a skin problem starting, or a decrease in grooming may signal an emotional problem (e.g. a change to his routine or environment that is discomforting to him).

Either way, you must be able to observe your dog and note changes in his behavior. This could make the difference between life and death. Remember, our doggies will try to tell us things, we just have to be ready to hear what they are saying. Learn how your doggie works and study his behavior, then when you see changes, you must be prepared to deal with them immediately.

In the case of Parvo, when you see the classic symptoms (see Note 2), you’ve got to get him treated “like yesterday”. This thing works fast and there will be no time to figure it out – your dog may have only two or three days left [based on the average dog dying within 1 - 4 days after symptoms first appear]. We cannot stress this point enough, it is absolutely imperative that you are prepared (instantly download our FREE Parvo Emergency Treatment 101 book, you’ll learn lots about Parvo and how to deal with it, get yourself a Gold Value Pack and have this handy for a big emergency as well as little problems such as the occasional upset stomach, or common parasites, etc.

While on a day-to-day basis, give your dogs Ayurdog as this will fortify him and keep most problems at bay. You will find that you prevent most problems from ever really getting started. This can be easily achieved with constant monitoring of your dogs (just the same as with your children), having emergency measures on-hand at all times, give them excellent doggie supplements daily, and also give them high-quality food as a staple.


  1. Breed information from The Merck Veterinary Manual, 8th ed.
  2. Parvo Symptoms:
    • Yellow frothy vomit (multiple times per day)
    • Diarrhea (foul smelling, multiple times per day)
    • Bloody Diarrhea (this now means your dog will have infections as well)
    • Loss of energy (no play drive what-so-ever)
    • Loss of appetite
    • Elevated temperatures of 103-106 °F may also happen
    • Gas
    • Bloating

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