26 May 2009

Where To Buy Parvaid – It’s Not As Obvious As You May Think

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The question of where to buy Parvaid doesn’t seem like it should be too hard – just go to the local store and pick up a bottle.

Sorry, that’s just too easy; it is a little more involved than that.

Parvaid is an herbal product that is both synthetic and chemical-free. It is both safe and effective. Lamentably, since it is not a chemical-based drug, most vets who are trained in Western Medicine entirely discount organic products as nothing but some alternative solution that can’t possibly work as it has not been approved by the FDA.

Herbal products that are classified as food supplements or botanicals, as in the case of Parvaid and all of the other products required to treat Parvo, do not need to be evaluated by the FDA and therefore need not be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

A wall of resistance seems to go up as soon as you mention non-traditional or non-mainstream products. Most vets appear to know practically nothing about organic treatments, and in many cases they will be quite dismissive of any product that wasn’t produced by a drug manufacturer as they receive plenty of financial incentives for promoting drugs from the big pharmaceutical companies; whereas the small independent herbalist can’t come close to matching the payoff levels that a company the size of Pfizer, for example, can dangle in front of a struggling vet.

So, trying to get inexpensive herbal products into established distribution chains is not easy. The financial rewards are simply not there, there will be far less residual income, which is because herbal products tend to provide long-term relief compared to drugs that cause multiple side-effects that in turn mean you need additional drugs to counter-act the side-effects, and to continue to put a sticking plaster on the problems, you could end up taking pills and such for the rest of your life – which brings in a steady flow of cash each month.

What it boils down to is this – vets could get paid once (by really treating the problem and not the symptoms) or they could get paid many times, so it’s not too surprising that they choose the latter option.

Unfortunately, in this country we once had a proud tradition of using organic products to treat all types of ailments, but a couple of hundred years ago, drugs began to surface, large marketing campaigns were launched claiming how terrific drugs are and that they are the only road to good health, and so the propaganda machine continued at full force.

The organic market could not then and by-and-large still cannot compete with fat cats and their deep pockets. If you play ads hundreds of times a day that fill people with hype, work on their emotions, and basically wear them down, they will think there are no other viable solutions and therefore the drugs must be the answer.

The “pop a couple of pills and everything will be OK” mentality is all that most people know, because it’s what they grew up with. But nowadays bugs (i.e. germs, bacteria, parasites, viruses) are getting very strong and resistant to conventional treatments. You may find it easier to get your hands on chemical-based products but you probably won’t get the type of relief that you need.

Products like Parvaid work with the body, and not against, it, to help it heal from within. It would be nice to be able to go to your local market and find these organic type products, but as there are no big companies willing to promote these alternative treatments, you will not readily find these types of products in supermarkets, or even in the larger pet stores such as Pet Co or Pet Smart. You may, however, be more likely to find what you’re looking for if you look in small independent feed stores or pet stores.

But there are some things you need to be aware of first.

Very few of the smaller retailers who sell Parvaid really know much about the product or how best to use it for maximum effect, because to them, it’s nothing more than another item on the shelf.

Because here’s the thing – if you want to give your dog the best possible chance of surviving Parvo, then you not only need to know the correct way to administer the product but also how to make and give a few home remedies at the same time. Unfortunately, most retailers neither have the necessary knowledge nor expertise.

Another crucial factor is that the manufacturer now specifies a minimum requirement for four different products to treat dogs with Parvo (as well as exposed adult dogs), and yet many retailers do not carry the full set of required products.

This leaves you with a dilemma: spend valuable time hunting down a retail store in your area (and this could be hundreds of miles away) and hope that they have what you need product-wise, and then come home and deal with your sick pets on your own as best you can, or you could buy the products online.

The advantage of buying from a retail store is that you will probably save some time and some money (i.e. you won’t incur any shipping costs, although you will pay for gas), but the disadvantage is that you will get absolutely zero support. If anything does go wrong, because no matter how good the products are (and they are!), some dogs don’t respond to the standard treatment protocols for any number of reasons and therefore need adjusted dosage schedules, you’ll probably find that you’ll get no help from the store you bought the products from as they simply won’t have the knowledge and experience that you’ll need.

If you buy Parvaid online, then you need to examine exactly who is selling the products, how much experience do they have in case you need help, which happens more times than not, and how reliable is their website.

The Internet is well known for being a place where websites will take your money and run, without ever delivering what you ordered.

So, one key to look for is how much material is available on the subject of Parvo. If there is very little info then they probably don’t know much about it and are just selling another product.

Also, check to see what types of shipping methods are available. If they only offer USPS Priority Mail for example, that means they have no clue about how deadly this virus is and time is against you, so UPS or FedEx Overnight services are the ONLY acceptable shipping methods for sick animals.

We’ve dealt with 870 cases of Parvo (and counting), we only use FedEx Overnight for sick animals (Monday – Saturday deliveries), we make available a 100+ page book that we wrote all about Parvo, called Parvo Treatment 101, which you can download to your computer instantly and completely free of charge, we have developed (and frequently update) the most comprehensive Parvo Home Remedy Plan that will help sustain your sick dog until your products can be delivered, and throughout the treatment schedule, that you will find anywhere on the Internet, and we are the only company who offer all customers completely free and unlimited 24 x 7 phone support and personal coaching.

If you have Parvo on your property in the case of dogs, or Feline Distemper in the case of cats (unfortunately, cats can become infected from Parvo dogs in the form of Feline Distemper), then you will need support throughout this horrifying ordeal.

If you have not already done so, please visit ParvoBuster to help get your pets back on their feet again, and don’t forget to check out the many Parvaid testimonials left by some of our many satisfied customers.

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