26 September 2008

Why Buy Parvaid?

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If you buy Parvaid, together with other products such as Life Cell Immune Support, Doggie Pain Relief (aka Pet’s Pain Formula) and Vibactra Plus, then you’re giving your doggie a chance to survive the horrific Canine Parvovirus.

All of our products, including Parvaid, are 100% natural, containing herbs that are completely human-grade. There are no synthetics and no chemicals, which means that they are completely safe and have no side-effects, which is not the case with the prescription drugs and meds that your vet will try to give your dog.

We appreciate that you may be skeptical about the effectiveness of herbal products such as Parvaid, so let’s talk numbers for a moment.

For example, did you know, that most vets will tell you that your doggie only has a 33% to 80% chance of surviving a Parvo attack, and that’s if you have him treated at the emergency clinic, animal hospital or vet, where it can cost anywhere from $500 USD to over $10,000 USD to treat just one dog?

If you compare that with Parvaid and the other products in the Parvo Treatment Gold Value Pack, then you’ll find that our success rate is around 90%.

You can also treat one or more dogs, depending on their weight, for around $300 USD, and that includes FedEx Overnight shipping (which is all we use if a dog has Parvo – anything else is just too slow and your dog’s life is worth much more than the additional cost of overnight shipping).

So, a higher success rate for treating Parvo, combined with much lower costs.

That’s what we call a win-win situation!

But there’s more.

Here’s another fact you may not know: 80% of dogs that remain untreated die within 96 – 120 hours of the first symptoms being visible.

You need to bear in mind, however, that these figures refer to the older 2a and 2b strains of the Canine Parvovirus, but here’s the kicker – the latest strain that is officially known as 2c (but often known as the F-Strain), which is becoming more prevalent all over the US and other countries too, can take your dog’s life within just one day of seeing the very first symptoms, and that’s assuming you even recognize them as symptoms of Canine Parvo.

That means you barely have time to react, which is why we believe the only prudent course of action is to have products such as a Parvo Treatment Gold Value Pack, which includes Parvaid, for example, on hand at all times, so that you will be prepared should the worst happen and your dog is attacked by Parvo.

By doing this, you can start treatment immediately, which is the best way to increase his chances of surviving the Parvo.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “yes, but my dog is an adult and he’s completely vaccinated.”

Well, we don’t want to disillusion you, but the 2c strain isn’t concerned with how old your dog is, or even whether he’s been vaccinated or not.

It’s true – we’re finding an increasing number of cases where fully-vaccinated adult dogs are being infected by and dying from Canine Parvovirus!

This is yet another reason why we urge you to buy Parvaid and the other three products in our Gold Value Parvo Treatment Pack now, so that you’ll have them if and when you require them.

And don’t be concerned about buying these products and then finding that they go to waste – they will all last for four or more years if kept in a cool, dark place.

Also, most of our product range, Parvaid included, can be used for many more purposes than just dealing with Parvo.

For example, Parvaid can be used for situations where your dog vomits after eating something that disagrees with him, or if he has gas (this works for humans too, by the way!). If your dog’s a bit off-colour and off his food, it will stimulate his appetite too.

So, even if your dog is lucky and never gets Parvo, which we obviously hope will be the case, when you buy Parvaid, Life Cell Immune Support, Doggie Pain Relief and Vibactra Plus (the products in our Gold Value Parvo Treatment Packs), you still have a first-rate Doggie First Aid Cabinet to make use of whenever you need it.

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